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We are based in the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, Australia. The best way to get in touch is to email 

Production Capabilities:

Our comprehensive workshop machinery equipment includes:

  • Heat treatment furnace - 3' diameter x 10' high
  • Heat treatment furnace - 2' diameter x 3' high 
  • Three axis CNC mills
  • CNC lathes
  • 130 ton hydraulic press with 5' x 3'6" platten
  • 100 ton hydraulic press
  • Roll former
  • English wheel
  • Spin riveting for tube structures
  • Hydroformer
  • Eckold piccolo former shrink and stretch
  • 3D scanner and CAD modelling
  • All the usual benders, folders, guillotines and hand tools
  • CNC router

Manufacturing one off aircraft componentry can be a costly business, subject to size and complexity.  Obviously anybody can make simple brackets and folded parts, however once the need for compound curves, billet CNC machining or hydroforming arises, the complexity increases and this is our area of expertise.

If you would like us to quote on making you a specific part not already available in our online store, please email us at

We may need you to provide a sample of the component you need, so we can reverse engineer and determine the material to manufacture from.  

Tooling costs to produce complicated components are what mainly drives the cost up. The quantity required will also affect price.  The quote you'll be given will be in two parts, the tooling cost (which you would own) and then the cost of the component/s.

However, if we consider the part you have requested to have a commercial application and can be produced for resale in a viable quantity, we will absorb the tooling cost, and you'll be quoted for the component/s only. This approach has a double benefit, you will receive your component at a lower price and we'll have a new component for sale to benefit the industry as a whole.

So, if you're trying to repair and patch to get to the next annual, or your A&P cannot repair again and it is a recurring problem on your aircraft service, please email and we'll look into it for you, we thrive on problem solving!